Videoloopmachine (VLM)

„Videoloopmachine“ is a tool to generate audiovisual compositions from video or film footage in realtime. It operates with transformative loops and an adjustable frameset for a splitscreen. It permits to create slowly changing rhythms and offers control over 4 different video channels. It can been used to make a poetical live composition about specific topics, areas, cities and contexts. I aim to play it like an instrument and also play it together with musicians like I did with Paul Michael von Ganski who mainly helped with the programming, too.

Some more sessions with this tool include the video concerts within a project on forms of travelling

(documented journeys in a remix)

Developing / 1st(2nd) phase:

VLM – custom made software with F1-controler (concept by Demming/Rieken, programming by Michael Rieken 2016)

It allows to explore older movie fotaage as the basis for timebased collages and compositions. The footage for the first and proposed project comes from an east german tv-series from the 1980’s and will also be presented where it was shot in Marzahn. The district in the outskirts of Berlin is famous for it’s highrisers, that once were the most modern and comfortable housings from the GDR.

VLM_Collage3w    VLM_Collage2w

„Videoloopmachine“ is suited to produce one-channel-videos with a split screen  of four in  audiovisual performances. (The programming of VLM was done by Michael Rieken)

Find two scetches of VLM here: