SEASAW CHAMBER (Schaukelkammer)

The seesaw chamber – scenarios of the sea (original title: Schaukelkammer)
mixed media installation, 2011
mixed media, 6 channel audio, light controllers, 1 video projection, 1 computer with custom software, 1 video loop on a monitor.
DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE „Szenarien der Meere“ (deutsch/german only)

The seesaw chamber combines cinematic orchestrations and arranges it in rhythmic structures that correspond to different events in the space.
Depending on the film footage the mood of the soundtrack is changing and by this evoking cliché-like topics of old seafare movies where it comes from. Simultaneously to actions in the projected images, the space is animated: a winch is driven and makes sounds, air is blown under a fabric so that it looks like waves, a bell is rung before the storm, an accordion plays a long tone after the drowning. The telescope-object shows filmic telescope views and puts their meaning in a new context.
The elements are composed according to musical and narrative principles in this choreography of audiovisual events.

Text: Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt, Stefan Demmings Schaukelkammer – Szenarien der Meere (german only)