„SPACE SPACE“ is a choreography of audiovisual events based on cinematographic scenarios of outer space.

A choreography of audiovisual events, Galerie im Turm, Berlin 2012

SPACESHIP: 12-channel-audio, video projection, 4 blowers, inflatables, spotlights, 6 photographs mounted on aluminium (80 x 100 cm), wood, paper, readymades, fabric, foil, 1 painting (100 x 120 cm), 2 monitors, light controlers; 2 computers with custom software, duration: part I(Spaceship): 5’23“

LUNAR LANDSCAPE, video projection, loop 5’38“ &
SCULPTURE „Endless Space“: 3 mirrors, 2 2-way-mirrors, 240 LED-lights, iron construction, 2012

For six weeks the Galerie im Turm was transformed into an accessible space scene. The installation „SPACE SPACE“ by artist Stefan Demming is a media landscape based on early visions of space travel. Set designs of older sci-fi movies and space stereotypes create a staging that invites the visitors of the gallery on a galactic journey of discovery. In the sculpture „Endless Space“ the fascination of infinity and therefore the own perception are explored …