projects / websites

GeOrgel – An interactive polyphonic organ-installation from upcycled furniture (2022/23)

AkA- Atelier für kulturelle Angelegenheiten (2020–2021) – context-specific works on the countryside

KUNSTHALLE WESEKE (2018-2019)– contemporary art shows in a village

HTR – home-travel-remember: can we find the future of travelling in the past? (2021, german website only)

ARCHIVE / FORMER WEBSITE (not responsive)

LEBENDIG PLATT (2016-2018) – a video project on lowgerman,  a dissapearing language

LUURN BI DE BUERN (2014–2016) – a project on agriculture with site specific works on farms and happenings (momentarily offline)

THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH (2010-2014) – a project on circus as a byegone cultural event