Schaukelkammer – Szenarien der Meere von Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt (german only)

Das Meer und die Seefahrt sind Metaphern-Maschinen. Es gibt hunderte von Sprüchen und Weisheiten, in denen das Leben und Lebensphasen mit der Seefahrt verglichen werden. Menschen erleiden Schiffbruch .(more)

The Edge of the City by Ruth Estévez

Stefan Demming’s artistic practice is a practice of travel. In his work he fosters the observation of daily scenarios to narrate different kind of human adventures. .(more)

The event and the big bluff by Mona Schieren

Singing tents, knocking lockers, dancing photos and a video travel guide for the outskirts of one of the largest cities of the world. Documents of „reality“ and their fictitious continuations often unite in the installations of Stefan Demming to suggestive stories, to which the viewer http://apothekebillig.com/cialis.html associates – but which also make him doubt his own ability of perception. .(more)

Fragmented Sight by Ursula Frohne

Stefan Demming works with the alienating effects of media enhanced image technologies. In many of his works photographs, or films serve as a medium of reference. … (more)

Intermediate Reflections and the Truth of Images by Elke Bippus

In Frozen Moments (2002) and The Half-Truth (2002) Stefan Demming performs an accidentally discovered media-technical effect. He reveals the imagery of the different media and initiates an interrogation of the respective pictorial conceptions..(more)

The Half-Truth, 50 times per second by Frauke Ellßel

In a church persons of different generations stand next to each other, a woman holds a child in a baptise suit in her arms. All of them look in the same direction and smile.(more)