Collaborations &/ Sitespecific

„Collected # 3: crisps“ (with M. Rieken) @ KHW – Kunsthalle Weseke, a showroom for contemporary art in a village (with M. Rieken)
„Saligia-PRIDE“, trailer, wood, 50 fibre optic cables, iron handle, 5 spy holes, coated in black matte and partially glossy, 2019
„I-organ“ (with M. Rieken)
„Lebendig Platt“ (2016-18) – „Platt (Low(german) alive“

„Platt (Low(german)) alive“ – giving a media reality to a dying language (Attention! external link to a site in lowgerman language: plattfilm is a plattform for videos of different kinds to preserve the dissapearing regional language.