the project DEKOLONIALWARENLADEN has been shown at the FLURSTÜCKE festival 2024 in Münster (Stadthausgalerie) and parts of the interviews are available online now here.


STUDIO GeOrgel in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf WILL CONTINUE IN 2024 and is still open for visits and now also invites people to join the URBAN INTERVENTIONS!

„UpCycleTheStreet“ is a series of interventions in public space. It focusses on durable art projects.
GeOrgel – installation in a shop, interactive audio project, 2022


Pig Brother (shortfilm in cooperation with Harko Wubs, 2022) was presented at Ecozine Filmfestival in Saragossa, Spain: we went there and were happy to also present and discuss it with students.

IN ARCHIVE EINTAUCHEN (Westfalen): a videoconcert at Cinema Münster/neben*an on dec 15th 2023 at 6:30 pm & 8 pm.

IN ARCHIVE EINTAUCHEN (Westfalen) – videocollage with footage by E. Wilms showing the city center of Münster 1945, one day before it has been mostly destroyed by air raids.

IN ARCHIVE EINTAUCHEN (Westfalen) – eine Zeitreisenveranstaltung kept us busy this year: together with my colleague Michael Rieken we traveled into the archives of …

The sound- and light installation CAMPING ENSEMBLE will be presented on november 5th at the festival ANDERS! at the Wasserschloss Raesfeld; a regional film is chosen to direct 12 enlighted tents and different sine tones …

Camping Ensemble, light- and sound installation, 2009–2023

KHW&AkA – Landkultur anders is the title of our new catalogue that documents 5 years of art & music with more than 50 artists at various locations in the countryside! 176 pages, texts by Agnes Sawer, Britta Kusch-Arnhold, Stefan Demming, Graw Böckler. Book presentation jan 19th in Berlin, Kindl/Café Babette; More information (german)

new catalogue: KHW&AkA – Landkultur anders (dec 2022)
poster for the short video / the installation will be on view as well

the AkA – studio for cultural affairs: adventures in contemporary art and music in public space and in a former village bakery – will continue through 2023

A new combination of the growing sculpture project „plantation“ (since 2013) will be shown at  kunstenlandschap in Lonneker/Enschede (NL) 4–6 of june 2022.
HTR-postcard (collage)

may 21st 2022:  A selection of „updated landscapes“ – works on industrial agriculture as well as Germany’s first inflatable biogas plant is presented at the Mühlenhof in Münster. There will also be available an edition of the new poster for the project „Pig Brother“ (in collaboration with Harko Wubs, 2022)!

jan 13th – feb 10th 2022: The exhibition „Olymp-Reisen“ (@ FARB, Borken) gave an overview on the project HTR – home travel remember, rethinking travelling and ended with a videoconcert

jan 22nd 2022: „MEXTENSIONS„: 15 artists were invited to join a chain-video-project, premiere @ Künstlerhaus Dortmund

2021, oct 1st: „landmade“ has invited Demming&Rieken to their village Strodehne (Brandenburg) to interact as „Kinematographic village guerilla“

Crystal Ball Buchsalon
SALIGIA in Museum Abtei Liesborn 10. April bis 20. Juni 2021

Gesammeltes #3: Chipstüten (17.11.–1.12.2019)

october through december 2019:

GESAMMELTES # 1-3“ („Collected #1-3“) In collaboration with my artistic partner of Kunsthalle Weseke (KHW), Michael Rieken, we are using the private collection of things of chosen people to make a spatial light and sound installation at KHW

ONGOING (until 2020):

SaligiaPRIDE“ – Kloster Bentlage, Rheine

„Saligia-PRIDE“, trailer, wood, 50 fibre optic cables, iron handle, 5 spy holes, coated in black matte and partially glossy, 2019



„regi-O-pera“, a dutch-german cross-border collaboration, has been shown in KHW and at LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk, Bocholt in late march 2019.

So 24.3., 17 Uhr: PREMIERE von „regi-O-pera“ (Heimat)


Gruppenbild – 25 Jahre Klasse Guiton, Kulturkirche St. Stephani in Bremen
– 13.01.2019

„Woman on the floor“ (2018) -> original version (in public space)


nov 10, 2018: POP-UP-PLANTS (WT, performance), within a kitchen debate with/by KVM, Frac Grand Large, Dunkerque (F)


Ich-Orgel„, a reactive-generative light- and soundorgan (installation) in collaboration with Michael Rieken will be shown for the first time at the exhibition  „Zeig Dich“, DEKT Berlin, Zwingli-Kirche, may 25-27th 2017)


A Workshop on spactial practises at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art on invitation of the 2017 graduating MFA class (april 20/21st  2017)

POP-UP-CORN, an Installative performance at „In-Lab: FGFG A Kitchen Debate“, Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (NL) on invitation by Jessica Segall (march 16th, 2017)


The „Marzahn Opera“ will be open from sept 11th until october 28th at Galerie M in the very center of Berlin-Marzahn at the eastern edge of Berlin…


Ein wilder Apfelbaum will ich werden“ – „I want to become a wild apple tree“, is the titel of a cooperation exhibit with Daniela Schlüter at the Rijksmuseum Twente in Enschede in the framework of Printlab SNAP3.


LUURN BI DE BUERN a project by Daniela Schlüter and Stefan Demming on ‚contemporary agriculture‘ is presented at Kloster Bentlage from march 15 th to april 26th. Participating artists are: Matt Arrigo, Rudi Bastiaans, Willem Boom, Marion Bouwhuis, Josh Chircop, Stefan Demming, Wapke Feenstra, Hörner/Antlfinger, Erik Kok, Petra Spielhagen, Gintare Skroblyte, Daniela Schlüter, Marc Westermann, Anna Zibler


The HOST, a performance by Andros Zins-Browne with an inflatable set design by Stefan Demming will be presented in HAU, Berlin on april 25th and 26th 2015.


a residence in Judenburg, Austria, to prepare the first LIVE-SHOW with residents of the town in the framework of THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH 2 will be presented from may 16th – 25th 2014


PLANTAGE – PLANTATION – a series of inflatable sculptures in public space was chosen for the residency KunstKommunikation at DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst (realized in 2013; VIDEOS: Plantation#3, Plantation#2 as an installation & performance: ,1 / 2 / 3 )


ELÉG is presented at dc3 art projects (Edmonton, Canada)

Selcted Stills of ELÉG build the base for an edition of prints called FRAGMENTS OF A HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY

ELÉG – a hungarian rhapsody
HD VIDEO transfered to Blu-ray, 8’17“, colour, stereo, 2012
language: hungarian with german / english subtitles …. more …


SPACESPACE: VIDEO documentation now online!