(thuisruis / Heimatrauschen – eine / een / a)

Is a collaborative performance project with dutch and german visual artists, designers and musicians within the framework of the dutch-german artproject taNDem. It develops on aspects of „home“ and by this particulary the region called „Euregio“ where most of the artists live or come from. While the concept is to grow to a collective within the work, the process builds its own reality. From the initial idea of a random led choreography referring to John Cage’s ‚Europeras‘ to the introduction of many artists individual ideas and works, the community-building, the discussions of partially juxtaposed ideas of what performance means to the participants, the communication itself seems not only to be a challenge but an important basis of the whole project as an „artwork“ regardless the outcome.


Tony Boiso, Stefan Demming, Renata de Frankrijker, Esther de Vries, Hanne Feldhaus, Jenny de Groot, Helena Hartmann, Mariëlle Meijerink, Frans Mensink, Michael ’Hille’ Rieken, Pier van Dijk, Laurens Westhoff

original idea / concept: S. Demming & M. Rieken; dutch lead partner for collaboration: Pier van Dijk;

Public PREVIEW: march 24th 2018 @ Kunsthalle Weseke