De Noche (At night)

HD-videoprojection, 3‘20‘‘ as a loop, 1 wooden hut ( 200 x 120 x 140 cm), different building materials, 1 dog of porcelain, 1 backprojection screen, custom software, 1 lamp, lightcontroler, 3-channel-audio, 210 x 160 x 380 cm, 2007

The city‘s edge at night: in the background the lights of the city, in the foreground a hut as a carcass. It seems to be inhabited: inside, a light is turned on and off sometimes. But also a window with the singing silhouette of a person behind it, is projected onto it. Behind the hut a man appears and disappears. On the other side of the construction site scenery, once in a while a dog is barking and illuminated according to the volume of his singing.