THE EDGE OF THE CITY (project, 2004 - 2009)
Since 2008, more than half of the world's population is living in cities.
We were looking for people at the edge of a city that is called endless.
Endless lights (& Endless lights II, 2012)
The edge of the city
, De Noche, Horsedog


A Marzahn Opera (2016)
Some of the first 'inhabitants' from a GDR television soap opera from the 1980s are 're-visiting' Berlin-Marzahn and perform an electronic multichannel opera... more


A field of inflatable vegetables and fruits in a choreography of rising and sinking sculptures... more


is a choreography of audiovisual events based on cinematographic scenarios of outer space. It consists of part I (Spaceship), part II (lunar landscape) and
the sculpture "Endless Space"... more


ELÉG - a hungarian rhapsody (Video, 2012)
The Budapest bathing culture is a rich cultural heritage. But while inside, there's mainly tourists swimming, dissonant sounds from outside seem to disturb the flow of images ... more

jungle camp

is a site specific media installation as an instant jungle growing on former industrial grounds ...


SCENARIOS OF THE SEA (2008 - 2011)
A project about historical and contemporary seafare - and shipwrecking.
The seesaw chamber is a multi media installation/seascape (2011) that samples cinematic scenarios of the sea.

"Szenarien der Meere" (german) or watch the VIDEO

LOW RESOLUTION MEDIA (installations with light, 2005 - 2009)
Movies are directing audiovisual compositions.

Camping Ensemble
Low Resolution Cinema

THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH 2 (est. 2010 / 2014)
The traveling "SHOW" is a fake circus in public space with 2014 for the first time asked the audience to become the performers. It also features the video "Just journey with them" (HDV, 29', 2010) about two nuns that travel with a circus, and the spatial installation THE SHOWSHOW, (read more)

Endless Lights